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Written Testimonials

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Emmett Feldman 11/12/23

Original testimonial written here:


Melissa has been my (8th grade) daughter's Math tutor for about two years now. Before our weekly online sessions, math was a source of anxiety and stress, really just not a fun experience. Over the course of these two years we have seen our daughter's confidence and grades improve by leaps and bounds. Now she is even a teacher's assistant for 7th grade math!

I appreciate the professionalism and ease of interaction with Melissa. She is always one step ahead with figuring out schedules as well as creating a positive and enriching learning environment. My daughter appreciates being able to ask any questions no matter the complexity, free of judgment.

I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa as a math tutor. Her dedication and expertise have made a meaningful impact on my daughter's academic performance, and educational journey.

Elif Emrealp 5/26/22

Original testimonial written here:


Melissa has been a tutor to my son for about 1.5 years. Melissa was highly recommended via a coworker when I was complaining about how difficult it was to catch up during remote learning period, especially in accelerated math class. Since Melissa started supporting my son, his understanding of math and eventually his grades improved significantly. Melissa is also creating customized weekly assignments which are help my son practice what he learnt. I would highly recommend her.

Kyla P. Martin 2/13/19

Original testimonial written here:

Melissa has helped me understand math better and reminds me of things I have forgotten. We have a lot of fun together and I enjoy tutoring. I feel open to asking questions. She helps me with homework and gives me math problems to work on. We also play some math games which I like. I see her once a week and I feel a lot more confident in math now. If you need help in math, I recommend Melissa because she makes math fun.

Shawn Freedberg 7/23/20

Original testimonial written here:

Melissa has been a wonderful teacher for our daughter. Melissa was hired by our daughter's school, to teach a few 8th graders, 4, that were excelling in math and needed to be pushed and challenged. Melissa was able to push them and accomplish a ton in a year shortened by COVID. Melissa was able to work with these advanced students and in 8th grade they completed the remaining half of Algebra and all of Geometry within one school year. Even with the Pandemic and the shut down, our daughter was confident and excited about math and the accomplishment of completing Algebra and Geometry. As a result our daughter tested into Algebra 2 as a freshman.


Overall I appreciate Melissa's ability to work with each student and really give them the confidence and skills to not only feel comfortable with math, but with ways to solve challenges in the classroom.

Heriberto Grande 6/5/22

Original testimonial written here:


Melissa has worked with my family for over five years and helps all three of my children with math and Spanish. My oldest son was struggling quite a bit in school and Melissa has been integral in helping him turn things around and be successful. With Melissa's help, our oldest ended his most recent school year with straight A's - something we previously thought not possible! My son is in a dual language program and Melissa was able to help him with homework in both Spanish or English.


Melissa's communication with parents is excellent - she provides a synopsis of each session and feedback on our child's engagement and performance. She has been available for any meetings we request to go over curriculum or particular areas of concern.


Melissa's breadth of tutoring ability is wide. She is able to help our thirteen year old with his assignments and also provides engaging and effective sessions for our seven and five years olds. Our experience with Melissa as a tutor is unparalleled and I recommend her very highly!

Krystell Guzman 5/25/22

Original testimonial written here: 


I first met Melissa when I needed a tutor for my son that was in junior high school.  He was struggling in math and needed help in understanding the concepts and reinforcing school work.  Melissa did a great job of working with him to understand concepts better and raise his grade in math. 


We later used Melissa with my younger daughter starting in 4th grade when she would get extremely frustrated with math concepts and had a hard time overcoming mental blocks to learn math concepts.  My daughter was very challenged in her abilities to learn new concepts and skills.  Melissa was extremely patient with her and helped her redirect and overcome her fear of math.  She helped her break down her mental barriers of dealing with new concepts and put her in a calmer mind set to be able to gain confidence in math and all other subject areas. 


Melissa is fluent in Spanish and this also was a huge plus for us since my daughter studies math in Spanish at an immersion school.  Melissa is very well versed in the curriculum used in grade school and is able to ensure my daughter is on track and also practicing her regular math concepts such as times tables and division regularly to make all other math easier.  My daughter went from a fearful, scared girl that would shut down around any new math concepts to an A+ math student all 6th grade year.  She is confident and has completely overcome her fears around math and has spilled over into all other subject areas as well. 


Melissa is a great asset to our family and we hope to use her through the end of high school if not even later as well.  

Erik Harris 8/7/20

Original testimonial written here:

Melissa Agocs has done an outstanding job tutoring our three kids for nearly 4 years and we highly recommend her services. The kids really look forward to their sessions with Melissa and she provides excellent feedback to the parents following each session. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Melissa quickly adapted to the situation by utilizing online teaching tools and methodologies that kept the sessions just as effective as the in-person sessions. The transition to distant learning was seamless and much more effective than the schools’ transition.


Our three kids (boy-12, girl-12 and girl-8), are very different from one another and she skillfully adapts to their needs and interests to maximize each session. Melissa worked closely with the parents to outline the tutoring/learning syllabus for each kid that she updates after each session to closely track each kid’s progress. Tutoring for our kids includes Math, English, Reading Comprehension and Writing as well as occasional games and puzzles to practice the application of concepts and skills. She strikes the right balance with building our kids’ understanding and confidence with various concepts while challenging them to pull it all together to solve problems.

Nate Toutjian 5/29/20

Original testimonial written here:

Recently it became clear to my spouse and me that our oldest son, Isaac (12) was struggling to stay at grade level in math as he was beginning to head into more abstract algebraic concepts and would certainly fall further behind if individual tutoring wasn’t provided immediately. To make matters even worse, we were faced with home schooling as the Covid 19 Pandemic suddenly made classroom instruction vanish. Thankfully, we were put in touch with Melissa at just the perfect time and she was able to offer online services. Isaac needed not only the right help, but also the right person to match his large personality and anxiety around math. Melissa intuitively met him exactly where he was in his development as a young adolescent boy and was able to provide the right strategies and tactics to build his confidence steadily while also pushing him just enough to keep him focused and reaching just far enough so that he maintained a healthy struggle. In short, Melissa is able to find that sweet spot where learning can happen and mistakes are opportunities for growth, not just correction.


We would highly recommend Melissa to any parents looking for math tutoring for their child without hesitation. She is patient, kind, and understands that learning can only happen when the child is comfortable and given the right tools for success. As a public school teacher myself, I have quietly been taking notes behind the scenes that I will be using in my approach to education. Melissa is a gem and we are most blessed to have found her.

Cecily Clements 1/22/19

Original testimonial written here:

We have used Melissa for our ten year old's tutoring for over a year and are very happy. Our son is an energetic, rambunctious kid who gets easily distracted. Melissa puts up well with his meandering concentration and always finds ways to reign him in and help him stay focused. She also finds different activities to do with him to keep him engaged and working on problem areas. She regularly reports back to us so that we are up to date on his progress. Our son's math skills have improved since he began tutoring with Melissa - we highly recommend her!

Rebecca Reynolds 9/25/21

I'm so grateful to Melissa! Both my kids, each with very different learning styles, excelled with her. She really helped to foster excellent skills and a love of math. Because of her, my 9th grade daughter entered high school very confident in her mathematical abilities and at the top of her class. So many kids, particularly girls move away from math between 6th and 8th grade. I credit Melissa for helping my daughter not become another statistic.

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