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sharing my love of math with the attention each student deserves

When I was in middle school, I enjoyed math. One of my teachers even encouraged me to enter a math contest. She was a big influence on me, staying with me after class to ask me the right questions and nudge me in the right direction for my special project for the competition. I ended up working on it very hard and she opened my eyes to new ways to work with numbers. I won the gold medal for it and never forgot that experience. I have no doubt that the one-on-one attention from my teacher catapulted my curiosity and my understanding of math.

Through that, I became inspired by numbers, the different ways to play with them, and by how my teacher knew to guide me in just the right way. I think math can be beautiful and fun! When I used to see classmates struggle with math, I wanted to help them. In college, I majored in Applied Mathematics and started to tutor students from local elementary schools. I really enjoyed it. I also learned from them. Learning to teach math and "speak" math with others is like learning a whole new language and my brain loves the challenge of finding different ways to say something. I now have more than 10 years of solid tutoring experience and have seen my students improve their understanding, work through problems in different ways, and gain confidence along the way.

Although I've been a math teacher, 1-on-1 tutoring is a better fit for me. I love building a relationship with each student and being able to help at the level each student needs. The results I see are very rewarding!

I have worked with students with various learning differences. I have experience with students with anxiety and students who are shy. In addition to supporting these learners, I also enjoy working with students who love math and would like to be challenged in it outside of the classroom. I think back to Mrs. Gorin and like to think that her influence on me helps me guide my students to play with numbers today.


As an entrepreneur, I've learned to value my ability to multi-task, think analytically and creatively, organize and stay focused, and communicate. These are all skills I can also help students improve while they learn with me. 

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