"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding" -- Leonardo da Vinci

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I will break it down for you, like counting "1, 2, 3."

About Melissa

I decided to have two majors in college. As a curious person who is good with numbers, I studied applied mathematics because it taught me which mathematical tools to use to learn about the subjects that interested me. I also studied Spanish, as I viewed it as an additional tool to learn about the world and many of its cultures.

I used my mathematics skills in the corporate world for 13 years as an education researcher for Scientific Learning, an organization that creates educational products for children who have learning disabilities. I have traveled extensively in Spanish-speaking countries, and really enjoy using and sharing my love of the language.


For the last several years, I have helped students of various ages in different capacities. I have been a math teacher, a private math and Spanish tutor, and have led small-group learning sessions, such as homework clubs, math enrichment classes, and SAT prep classes.


As an entrepreneur, I've learned to value my ability to multi-task, think analytically and creatively, organize and stay focused, and communicate. These are all skills I can help students improve while they learn with me.